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Optimizing the Agricultural Supply Chain via specialized technological tools

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

RAAV Techlabs – Quality Quantified.

Artificial Intelligence based quality analysis for food testing.

Story so far:

We all live in a time and place where the food supply chain is not yet centralized. This lack of organization in an agriculturally rich economy has led to severe problems of wastage and even starvation in many parts of the country. RAAV Techlabs yearns to solve this problem through centralizing and grading of food products. We are four passionate entrepreneurs exhibiting complementing skillsets have been using our time and resources to build an organization that helps the agricultural supply chain significantly.

Our company is dedicated towards building analytical instrumentation and analytics benefiting farmers, industries and consumers. Our solution revolves around a device and a service which can identify quality of agricultural produce within seconds. The solutions can be deployed at all stages of the supply chain ensuring consistency at all levels.

Varying expertise in the fields of biotechnology, electronics, machine learning & product design has enabled us to come up with solutions which can be moulded into specific products which acknowledge and answer various problem statements posed by different levels of the farm-to-fork chain.


To create transparency between buyers and sellers along with promoting organic farming.

This is possible only by converting the unorganized agricultural sector to an organized one.

This will empower farmers, food processing units, retailers and consumers to make better producing/purchasing decisions.

Moreover, this will result in

- Giving farmers more opportunities through this centralized forum will financially empower farmers with respect to the value of their produce.

- Food processing industries having better choices for collection and grading of agricultural produce efficiently

- Customers and retailers will have access to a transparent produce grading portal where they can ensure that they are given what they truly seek for.

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