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Checking the Crops

Introducing LaaS

Stakeholders in the Agri supply chain today need high-end solutions but at affordable prices for a hassle-free experience when it comes to estimating the quality of produce. We understand that conventional techniques could be resource-intensive, exhausting, inflexible, and infeasible to match your vision for quality. 


Introducing Lab As A Service (LaaS) by RAAV, a deep tech solution to all your quality needs. We provide you with a full-stack service comprising of a diagnostic device capable of giving you the nutritional composition, the experience parameters, and adulterants of agricultural raw materials within seconds. Thus making it superior to most traditional methods and devices. 


Our solutions are validated from NABL accredited laboratories to provide you with a competent service that delivers the accuracy and precision comparable to food testing laboratories. 

Where do we place ourselves?

Image by Alex Wigan
RAAV in agri supply chain

Current Commodities


Introducing a portable, non-invasive, solution to focus on the internal quality of produce and reduce wastage in the F&V segment.

Use it to know valuable information like




Ripeness and Shelf-life of fruits

Contact us to avail the service for the fruits in our portfolio:

Grapes, Mango, Apple, Sapota

To inquire more, write to us here.


Tired of tedious chemical tests and expensive equipment? 


Contact is to switch to our quality testing solution that provides the value of nutritional parameters




of wheat.

To inquire more, write to us here


Identifying the quality and grade of milk can be challenging and expensive.

Presenting to you a portable and cost-effective solution to basic nutritional parameters and antibiotics.

To inquire more, write to us here.

Reach out to us to book our services to evaluate your produce this season!

One step services_RAAV

Opt for our services

Contact us for opting our services. Just tell us what commodities and parameters you need and your point of deployment. Rest is on us!

Easy sampling_RAAV

Start sampling

With easily scalable sampling  technique, using our patented kit. The more you scan the more you save.

Instant results_RAAV

Get instant results

We value your time. Get results instantaneously, without wasting hundreds of minutes. Also, we help you save environment and eliminate paper trail. 

Take actions_RAAV

Take actions

Saving time is equal to saving money. With actionable insights and analysis, take actions to be ahead in the game.

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