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RAAV Techlabs harnesses the power of cutting-edge technology like Machine Vision and Spectroscopy combined with AI to provide traceability solutions through remote quality assessment services that will empower various stakeholders of the Agri supply chain.

We intend to enhance transparency among buyers and sellers to enable better producing and purchasing decisions based on QUALITY. We aim to organize the agricultural sector and empower many stakeholders with better market opportunities and value for produce. We believe this will set the course for improved food safety, security, and sustainability for a better quality of life.

Our Vision

RAAV Techlabs yearns to help make a tech-driven supply chain by providing tools to ensure traceability at all levels. Our Vision is to streamline crucial information about commodity quality and commodity performance for all food producers, processors, exporters and consumers.

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Our Mission

Our mission at RAAV Techlabs is assuring quality to various stakeholders of the agricultural supply chain in terms of nutrition and consumer experience with sincerity, authenticity and pride

We are blessed to live in an agriculturally rich economy. But the challenges posed to the very core of the Agri supply chain in the lines of quality have led to redundancy, wastage of resources, including commodities. 


At RAAV, we commit to enabling quality. Our solutions provide a non-invasive quality assessment of agricultural produce at every stage of the supply chain. A potent combination of Near-Infrared Spectrophotometry and Machine Learning helps qualify and quantify the commodities and their nutritional and experience parameters, along with adulteration information.

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