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Image by Raphael Rychetsky

We have engineered state of the art quality assessment solutions.

To best address your quality concerns


A portable, non-invasive, non-destructive molecular scanner to check internal quality of fruits and vegetables.

AoNIR image.png

A Portable, non invasive, non destructive, zero consumables required internal quality testing device for grains, pulses, oil seeds, etc., in under 30 seconds.

NIRSpect image.png
Image by Manuel Venturini

Introducing, A platform to do it all

RT platform_enQ AI logo gr.png

enabling quality                          with AI

  • Android, iOS and Web compatible

  • Scan logs and analytics

  • QR Code generation and scanning

  • Multiple commodities and device support

  • Machine Vision + Spectral analysis

RAAV App phone.png
  • Manage deployments and users

  • Advanced analytics and logs

  • Market linkage and data API

  • QR code enabled reports

enQ AI image on sceen.png


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