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How Indian Government is pushing for higher Quality and Safety Standards!

Some point in our day-to-day lives, while shopping groceries or buying food etc, we do come across thoughts like "Is our government doing anything about quality?" or "what are the rules or regulations on food safety?" We are here to help you get answers to these questions and as a concerned consumer and citizen,you should be aware of the Indian government's recent efforts to strengthen regulations around quality and safety!

New Regulations

New policies are aiming to hold businesses and producers to higher standards to protect public health, drive economic growth, and establish India as a leader in key industries.According to the latest reports, the government is cracking down on substandard products and practices through increased inspections, steeper penalties, and a push for transparency across sectors like agriculture, food processing, and manufacturing.

While increased regulation often brings higher costs and bureaucracy, the potential benefits to both consumers and businesses are substantial. By prioritizing quality and building trust in Indian-made goods, these new rules could catalyze domestic spending and open up opportunities in global trade. Overall, the government's initiatives demonstrate a long-term strategy to improve living standards, support innovation, and enable sustainable economic development nationwide.

New Food Safety Standards Act to Ensure Quality:

To ensure the quality and safety of food products, the Indian government implemented the Food Safety and Standards Act. This legislation establishes legally enforceable standards for manufacturers, processors, and distributors across the food supply chain.

The Act aims to protect public health by regulating the manufacture, storage, distribution, sale, and import of food and ensuring its safety and wholesomeness. It consolidates various acts and orders that have addressed food safety previously. The new law establishes:

  • Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) to regulate and monitor food safety.

  • Regulations and standards for food additives, contaminants, pesticides, metals, antibiotic residues, etc.

  • Regulations for licensing and registration of food businesses.

  • Provisions for food recall procedures, traceability of food products, and accreditation of laboratories.

By enforcing science-based standards and a risk-based approach, the FSSAI is working to curb misleading advertisements and fraudulent practices while promoting international trade.

The organization regularly monitors and inspects food establishments to verify compliance and takes action against offenders.


With this Act, the government aims to assure citizens that the food sold in India meets acceptable levels of safety, quality, and nutrition. By strengthening regulations and enforcement, India can enhance food security and boost consumer confidence in domestic and exported food products. The new food law is a step towards a modern, transparent, and responsive regulatory framework focused on public health.

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